Neuro Signal Lab

Principal Investigator:

Tolga Esat Özkurt


Group Members:

Ece Çağlayan

Igor Mapelli

Natalia Melnik

Sibel Özer


Web Page:

Neuro Signal Lab was founded to reveal and interpret brain mechanisms by analyzing oscillatory brain activity and connectivity emergent during various cognitive processes like emotion, memory, language and attention.   

The laboratory is equipped with Brain Products electroencephalography (EEG) system, acquisition and stimulus computers, and other necessary devices used for synchronized audio-video recording. EEG is a brain imaging method which enables tracking the brain activity in high temporal resolution, making it possible to investigate neural oscillatory behavior on a millisecond scale. As a result, EEG system becomes a useful tool to track brain dynamics in temporal, spatial and frequency domains. 

In Neuro Signal Lab, research projects aiming at revealing neural fingerprints of auditory and visual false memory are undertaken. In addition to experimental-behavioral methods, advanced signal processing techniques are being used and developed. Together with EEG records, video recordings are collected and the recorded data is used for mapping using image-audio processing algorithms.