Informatics Solutions  For Better Healthcare

Today, worldwide healthcare is in transition as the world is aging and the global population is increasing, and the demands are rising. Medical Informatics offer solutions in variety of areas such as management of chronic diseases, providing access to qualified healthcare professional for all, decreasing cost and errors. Medical Informatics Programs provide training and research opportunities in Health Information and Decision Support Systems, Medical Image Analysis and Cognitive Neuroscience. Overall goal of our programs is to provide new healthcare models and ICT solutions needed for easy access to low-cost, high-quality healthcare, and to support clinicians implement evidence based and personalized medicine approaches.

Medical Informatics Research Areas

Electronic Health Records and Standards

Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Instrumentation

Decision Support Systems and Computer Aided Diagnosis

Evaluation Methods in Health Informatics

Clinical Informatics and Hospital Information Systems

Telemedicine and Mobile Applications

Health Informatics (HI) Education

Computational Neuroscience

Security, Ethics and Privacy

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Health Informatics


Ongoing Research at METU Health Informatics 


Medical Informatics Glossary Work Group

METU Neuro Lab

NEURO Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging Lab

MedImage Medical Image Analysis Lab

Medical Data Mining and Modelling

Health Informatics and Clinical Decision Support Systems