PhD Program

The PhD Program in Medical Informatics aims to train academicians / researchers, to do inter-disciplinary scientific research, and to bring together the researchers from a multitude of disciplines in Medical Informatics field. Students should choose one of the tracks and complete the offered courses for each track. Accepted students must complete scientific preparation courses before continuing the PhD program. In PhD program students must complete three must courses, seven elective courses, ethics, seminar and thesis.

Scientific Preparation Courses

CENG 230 / BIN 500
COGS 536 / STAT 462

Program Courses

Code Credits
MI 502 3
MI 545 3
MI 528 3
MI 500 (ETHICS) 0
MI 590 (SEMINAR) 0
MI 599 (THESIS) 0

PhD Qualifying Exam:

All graduate students in the Medical Informatics Doctoral Program should pass the qualifying exam before proposing their dissertation topics. Qualifying exam can be taken during or after the last semester students complete their course work. 

The qualifying exam consists of a written part that covers  four courses that are approved by the department. Two of the courses should be from the students' specified area, one from the core courses of the program and one from the  elective courses. (check above for course listings) .

Students who successfully pass the written part can enter the oral examination. Student's advisor and members of the qualifying exam jury attends the oral examination. Instructors of the courses who have prepared the written part of the qualifying exam can be invited to the oral examination by the qualifying examination jury.  Students overall performance in both written  and part examinations are evaluated by the qualifying exam jury for the final decision.