MedImage Medical Image Analysis Lab

Principal Investigator:

Ünal Erkan Mumcuoğlu


Group Members:

Yasemin Yardımcı



METU-MedImage Medical Image Analysis Lab is involved in research activities in an array of 2D and 3D Medical Image Analysis applications. The main areas of focus are Automatic and Semi-Automatic Image Segmentation, Rigid and Nonrigid Image Alignment (Registration), Computer-Aided Diagnosis, Content-Based Image Retrieval and PACS. Some of the recent projects are: “Image-based retrieval system and computer-aided diagnosis system for liver CT and renal cortical scintigraphy images”, “Fusion of MR and CT imaging modalities for 3D human head modeling which includes characteristic hard and soft tissue information as well as realistic photographic view” and “Retinal mitocondria segmentation on Electron microscopy images”. The lab collaborates with several national and international universities and medical centers. Besides being involved in some Medical Informatics projects, METU-MedImage lab is also part of two graduate courses: “Fundamentals of Medical Imaging: Acquisition, Reconstruction and Analysis” and “Image Processing Applications”.