Medical Data Mining Research Group

Principal Investigator:

Nazife Baykal


Group Members:

Elif Çakır, Ünal Erkan Mumcuoğlu, Oya Deniz Beyan, Sait Can Yücebaş, Sevgi Özkan , M. A. Mizani, Güler Kalem



This laboratory aims to develop cutting-edge ways to acquire, represent, process, and manage knowledge and data related to health, health care, and the biomedical sciences. The interdisciplinary research conducted within the laboratory focuses on: Telemedicine, Bioinformatics, Clinical Data Mining, Health Information systems, Models of Biological Systems, Biomedical Knowledge Management, and Decision Support Systems. The staff has experience in a wide range of engineering and informatics technologies: Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Web-based IT decision support, Artificial Intelligence, and Image Processing.