METU Neuro Lab

Principal Investigator:

Didem Gökçay



The METU Neuro Lab was established by the METU Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group lead by Asst. Prof. Didem Gökçay. Researches of the group can be seen at The research group investigates functional neuroanatomy as well as computational neuroanatomy.  Some of the funded projects include “Quantitative Analysis of Structural and Functional Magnetic Resonance Images” (sponsored by METU BAP 2006), “Localization of Morphological Changes on Prefrontal Cortex in a Population with Major Depression Disorder” (sponsored by the Turkish Brain Association and Astra Zeneca 2006), “Exploration of the Effect of Symmetry in Face Perception through fMRI” (BAP 2007-07-04-00-01), and “Development of an Affective and Semantic Norm Database for Turkish words” (BAP 2008 TÜDADEN). Several  Cognitive Science MS theses have emerged from the research of the METU Neuro Lab including “Probability Learning in Normal and Parkinson Subjects: The Effect of Reward, Context and Uncertainty”, “Age Related Changes in Recognition Memory for Emotional Stimuli”, “Quantification of Face Symmetry Perception and its Relationship with Attractiveness”, and “Emotional Stroop in Normal and Major Depression Populations”. In addition to these, several interdisciplinary studies are being conducted through collaborations with faculty from Başkent University Physiology Department, Ege University Psychiatry Department, Istanbul University Neurology Department and METU Electrical Engineering Department.